Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sending emails to myself

So back in November, I found FutureMe and decided to write myself an email to be delivered today.  By the time I logged onto my email today, I'd completely forgotten all about it so it was a nice surprise for me.  Here's what I wrote to myself late one night in late November...

Dear FutureMe,
I'm sending this because, dear God!, is today likely to be an awful day.
Remember the joy of doing the LPA course.
Remember drinking champagne after working at Graduation and pointing A (and B!!) in the direction of food or champagne.
Remember dancing in 60 at R's b'day and thinking that you'd actually walked into a Questionable Content strip.
Remember the taste of that fine, fine mincemeat (I hope! It's still in the cupboard maturing at the moment).
Remember the solid bed rock of love and support that comes from home group.
Remember to go and get prayer if you hide yourself behind your barbed wire fence again.
Remember sitting drinking tea with M, D and An, keeping the chiminea going.
Remember the times spent talking rubbish with Mt and S.
Remember the one, truly unconstrained worship session at Soul Survivor.
Remember to feel ze burn!
Remember Tribute and the Day of Hugs.
Remember the feel of the dog's ears.
Remember the buzz from correctly anticipating worship team and the minister when you're trying to run AVP.
Remember gossiping with C while waiting for the Dominos order.
Remember the odd things like finally having cushions that match the rest of your bedroom.
Please do remember that if you're feeling physically rough, it constructively interferes with an mental rough feeling and it all spirals out of control. Take a couple of paracetamol, one large mug of tea or hot chocolate and go and watch the waves for a bit.
Remember that you're allowed to ask for help from others. Make sure you do. Work will almost certainly not be expecting you in today (although that'll depend on whether or not I chose to take some A/L around then). Even if you were silly and thought you could work through it all, K is sure to let you text in rather than phone, today of all days.
Remember to read psalm 116.
Please don't get stuck listening to any one song on repeat, pick a selection of songs and use shuffle.

Well, as it's turned out, today's been pretty much okay.  Sunday was rough for a bit after the Rainbow sleepover just because of the timing of everything but, apart from that, all has been pretty good.  The lovely weather and the fact that I've got a few days off of work have definitely helped.  It has to be said, some of my advice to myself has definitely made me giggle!  (To understand "feeling ze burn", go onto YouTube and look up Johannes von Lycra, he's a bit of an in joke from Soul Survivor)

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