Sunday, November 06, 2011

Snippits of blog posts

Yesterday I had 3 individual ideas for witterings.  Today, I've had a further one.  Do you think I can flesh any of them out into a fully fledged wittering?  Can I hell!

Wittering the first
Cause - my boss's leaving do
Main thrust of wittering - I haven't been out properly on a Friday night in ages, last time I tried to go out, I completely failed to even dress up as I was trying to get Gav out the door to his own event at Christmas.....prior to that, it would have been well before he went into ICU last summer....even if I went, I haven't got anything to wear......I'm fat, all of my clothes make me look dowdy......I haven't even got any nice shoes!
Basis in reality - individually, all valid points, however, I really shouldn't have conflated them all together into one messy lump like that.  No wonder I never made it out of the door!

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