Monday, December 19, 2011

Really looking forward to going out tonight

This time last year, I was nagging and chivvying and chiding and being bossy and generally overriding Gav's protestations that he really didn't want to go to his youth group's Christmas do.  Seriously?!?!??  This was the man who, before the spell in ICU, would choose to do stuff with them and would completely forget that we hadn't actually seen each other for more than 5 minutes straight for well over a week!  He was going to go to his Christmas party and he was going to enjoy it if it was the only thing I achieved all day :o)  As a result, I never had time to get ready for my own party, elsewhere that night.  One year later, and it's my own choice by posting this, that I'm going to be late this year!

p.s. - he did enjoy his party in the end last year.  I knew he would.

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